Meeting Automation

We've all been part of them. Meetings that don't seem to have a purpose. Meetings that drag on and on without a clear agenda. Meetings that leave us wondering why we spent our time there. Meetings that have lots of discussion, but don't ever seem to reach a conclusion with clear decisions.

Make your next meeting different - one that attendees will remember because it helped them make decisions and move forward. Using our interactive meeting tools, you can design an agenda with opportunities for attendees to provide their opinions immediately, get immediate feedback and documentation, and leave with a plan of action.

Our combination of software and interactive wireless keypads allows you to pose questions or statements to meeting participants, along with a set of response choices. Participants press the keypad number of the response that matches their opinion. The software takes the keypad responses and instantly produces a graph of the results. The graph is then projected before the group for all to see and discuss. That annoying task of transcribing flipcharts after the meeting is gone - you leave with a complete report of your results already documented, ready to move on and take action.