Market Research

Using Consensys™ to Understand Your Customers

Would you be interested if you could...

  • Accumulate customer input from multiple locations and quickly compile it into a single report?
  • Conduct a nationwide customer study in weeks rather than months, without incurring major travel expenses?
  • Separate data into limitless demographic groupings?
  • Gather responses from up to 250 people at one time?
  • Graphically display and print results immediately upon collection?

Acquiring qualitative information about customer needs and wants is vital to product and service success in the marketplace.  Unfortunately, such subjective information has been difficult to attain because of its dependence on moderation and interpretation.  Our processes are designed to virtually eliminate moderator influence, enabling customers to connect with their own creativity and communicate their ideas, desires, and needs effectively.

Consensys utilizes revolutionary methods to analyze customer group information and personal interviews objectively, more quickly and less expensively than conventional techniques.  By involving customer groups in product and service design, users are able to get closer to their customers, understand their needs, identify strategic advantages, and gain a competitive edge in dynamically changing markets.

This unique process allows a trained facilitator in two to four hours to:

  • Evoke the creative thinking of a group so they can easily state all of the possible benefits or functions a product or service might have-existing and potential
  • Have the individuals in the group, via small electronic keypads, very precisely determine the relative importance of each benefit (accomplished through paired multivariate analysis)
  • Through the keypad, measure their level of current satisfaction (scalar) with each benefit
  • Determine the competitive positioning of different products or brands in the marketplace relative to each of the benefits

Answer a number of pre-designed survey questions-also via the keypad;


  • Clearly identifies customer needs and wants, how important these are relative to each other, and how well they are met in the marketplace.
  • Quantifies subjective information, making it clear and understandable-creating intelligence, not just data.
  • Identifies emerging needs not yet in the marketplace.
  • Identifies emerging market segments and trends.
  • Includes all participants' opinions without moderator influence.
  • Clarifies and compares demographic differences.
  • Creates custom reports quickly and easily, directly from customer input.
  • Allows a quick evaluation and comparison of competitive products and services.